Here is a list of known problems, unimplemented/unfinished features on the webapp, with some workarounds.

Reloading the page gives me "unknown error"

If you reload a project page (/projects/{projectID}), you will get this error. Either go back or use the navigation header to get back to the Dashboard.

This is because I do a static export of the Next.js app, and the project ID is a dynamic route, which is not statically exported and thus not found when doing a hard reload. There might be some fixes about this in the Next.js documentation.

Data is not updated in real-time

Data is downloaded continuously when you are on a project page, but it does not trigger a recalculation of the analytics when new data arrives, this is something I'm planning on working on soon. Also I'd like data to be downloaded wherever you are on the app, not just on the project page, so that the preview graphs on the dashboard make sense and don't require a hard reload.

The bargraph shows "Implement me" or very long numbers

I will rework this whole component, it's not very useful nor usable in this state.

Clicking on the profile picture gives me an error page

The Profile page is not implemented yet.

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